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Assignment - Literature Review

Locate at least 8 recent journals articles (since 2013) dealing with your topic.  Articles must be cited properly and relevant to the topic. You most likely will have to locate and read more than 8 articles.

No matter which citation style you use, your professor requires a Persistent/ Permanent URL in the bibliography.



Independent & Dependent Variables

Biology/Health Science majors will perform literature research to present a review of the biology of a human disease, detailing four areas:

1. the causative agent of the disease;

2. the biochemical mechanism by which disease symptoms result (generally genetic diseases are more straightforward to deal with in these areas);

3. how the individual is affected by these molecular events (to be covered in detail);

4. and finally how the disease agent(s) and their symptoms affect the population. 

Environmental Biology/Science/Studies majors may choose to do the disease overview project, or they may choose to focus on a current environmental issue and summarize the solution options currently being discussed/implemented, as long as their topic is not covered as part of any Ethical Issues presentation.”

Subject Guide

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