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FYE 1010 - Freshman Foundations: Home

This Research guide introduces library resources that are helpful for research.

Why Research?


What is Research?  A systematic process of critical inquiry leading to valid propositions and conclusions that are communicated to interested others.
Why Research? What are the Benefits?  To learn something, to gain a wider perspective on an issue, to develop new ideas, for personal & professional develoment.

"About Us" Project

The intent of this oral group project is to research the response of Millennials to relevant topics in their lives. Students will present issues relating to a selected theme, explore how this area is played out in their lives, deduce problems that may arise and propose solutions.  Students will work in small groups from their Breakout Group and will make an oral presentation.

Small groups will each focus on a theme or propose a topic for approval by your Faculty Mentor.                 

  1. Millennials' proactive response to a specific injustice or need
  2. Social media and healthy relationships
  3. Developing transferrable professional skills for 21st century careers
  4. The role of athletics in American colleges and universities
  5. Technology and undergrad education
  6. Influence of music on attitude and perceptiions
  7. Entertainment and ethics

Research  -  Resources should include at least one of each of the following:

                                  i.    Books  (this includes both print and ebooks)

                                ii.     Articles  (from journals and magazines -- again these may be electronic, but use one of the library's databases to locate the best)

                               iii.     Websites  (try one of the internet search engines highlighted on the Internet Research tab, above)

                               iv.     Interviews  

Subject Guide

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