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BHS 2400 - Research Methods in Social Sciences: Home

Assignment - Literature Review

- Collect a minimum of 15 research articles as a part of a literature review for experimental research pertaining to a population, an independent variable, and a dependent variable.

- Write a literature review using APA formatting

- Include a properly formatted bibliography

Library-Learning Center Instruction

Day 1 - Sep 20

Topic:  Zotero Instruction - Computer Classroom - DUE Wednesday before 5 pm

Day 2 - Sept 12

Topic:  Searching PsycINFO 

Location:  Room 119 - Library Computer Classroom

Day 3 -  Sept 17

Topic:  APA Formatting

Locations:  room 119 - Library Computer classroom

       room 118 - Anderson 

       room 101 - Group Study Room

Day 4 - Sept 24

Topic:  Synthesis Workshop

Location:  Room 118 - Anderson 

PRE-Class assignment:  Watch “Organizing Resources”  (<4 min) on the Reading and Organizing tab

Bring to the workshop, 8-10 articles, that you’ve read and annotated.  (As instructed in video).

After workshop - Complete evaluation

Subject Guide

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