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Master of Science in Nonprofit Management: Managing your Research - Zotero

About Zotero

What is Zotero?

Zotero (pronounced "zoh-TAIR-oh") allows you to concentrate on your research and writing as it collects, manages, and cites  your research sources and its FREE!

screen shot of Zotero

You can add PDFs, images, audio and video files, and snapshots of webpages.  Zotero will index the full text which will enable you to be able to easily locate documents in your own library.

Zotero was created by researchers for researchers and is open source so others continue to update and improve the software.

See the Grace Research Guide for specific details on downloading and using Zotero.  -

Workshop Handouts

Zotero & APA

The APA coding in Zotero prefers DOI and URLs over publisher location and publisher for an APA book citation.  So, if your Zotero parent record (bibliographic metadata) includes either a DOI or URL the publisher information WILL NOT be included in your APA reference.  

Connaway, L. S., & OCLC Research. (2015). The Library in the life of the user engaging with people where they live and learn. Retrieved from

However, If you would prefer to have the publisher information and location to be used in your reference citation, remove the DOI and/or URL (you can store it in the note area) and confirm that the location and publisher information is correct.

Connaway, L. S., & OCLC Research. (2015). The Library in the life of the user engaging with people where they live and learn. Dublin, OH: OCLC Research.

Zotero - Introduction

Word Processing

WORD logo

You will need to install Microsoft Word if you want to use the add-in feature in Zotero

OIT provides access to Office 365 Education which includes Word, Exel, and PowerPoint.

To Download:  From the OIT site on the Grace Portal, choose OIT Website, then Office 365 Download.

NOTE - You must be logged into the Grace Portal

Google Docs -- You will not use the Word plug in in Google docs, but you can use Zotero to format Google docs.  See this Google Documentation for details.

Problems with the Zotero Word Plugin

Occasionally, there are problems with installing the Zotero Plugin in Word.  The Zotero Documentation at has helpful information on solutions. 

For the latest information go to Zotero Support.

Screen shot of Zotero documentation - help page

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