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MEG 1200 Introduction to Mechanical Enginering: Morgan Library Research Guides

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Research Assignment

The objective of your project is to develop a recommendation on whether heading a soccer ball is safe for high school age athletes.  This recommendation will be based on data from the literature and data from experiments that you conduct.  

This Research Guide will help you perform your literature research.

Some Subject terms you may want to consider:

acceleration (mechanics)

dynamic stability (mechanics)

impact (mechanics)

head injuries

brain concussion






Statista is the leading statistics company on the Internet. Statista aggregates data on a professional level from different institutes and sources. There are over 80,000 topics from more than 18,000 different sources available.  

Each statistic can be downloaded in different formats so that they can be integrated into the document (Graphic PNG file, PowerPoint file, PDF file and Excel chart).

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