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3D Printing at Grace College: Home

Why 3D Printing at Grace?

3D printers are being introduced in Elementary as well as Jr. High and High Schools around the country.  It is important for college students to become familiar with the technology in order to be effective and prepared as future teachers.  3D printing experience will be important for other disciplines as well.  Students in art, math and computer science will have assignments to complete on the 3D printers this year.  It is the goal of the administration that all students have the opportunity to try out 3D printing to learn what it's all about.

3D Printing Policy

All items printed must be for lawful use only.  Items considered unsafe, harmful, or that might pose a threat to another individual may not be printed.  Also no item should be printed that is subject to copyright, patent or trademark protection.

Users must follow slicing and printing instructions posted and should always request assistance with adjustments to the slicer and printer settings.  Library workers will always handle changing the filament. 

3D Printing at The Morgan Library

3D File Sites

Here are some links to sites where you can find files for 3D objects you might like to print.  Not all files are free, so beware.

What printers and materials are being used?

We have an Anycubic Vyper and a Prusa i3 3D printer in the Morgan Library-Learning Center. 

The filament used is PLA - poly lactic acid - a bio-degradeable plastic that can be recycled in a filament recycler.  The printers only print one color, but we have several colors from which the students may choose to print.


Everything in a "fixed format" is copyrighted. Pieces should not be printed that would infringe the creator's copyright.

Creative Commons licenses are offered to facilitate the sharing of creative works.

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