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BIO 4010 Senior Seminar: Home

Assignment - Life Science Reference List

Locate at least 8 recent journals articles (since 2013) dealing with your topic.  Articles must be cited properly and relevant to the topic.  Most likely you will have to locate and read more than 8 articles.

No matter which citation style you use, your professor requires a Persistent/ Permanent URL in the bibliography.

Assignment - Biology of Ethical Issues Presentation

Groups of 3 students group must research the scientific background on the chosen topic, emphasizing the history, methodologies, and applications related to biological/environmental sciences. 


Specific views held by a secular humanist, and 

Range of Views concerning the issue that are held within the broad group of Christendom (ranging from liberal to fundamentalist). 

Information is to be presented to the class in a lecture format. 

A mock debate will be part of the presentation. 

Use Power Point for all aspects of the presentation.

Assignment - Disease / Environmental Issues Paper and Presentation

Biology/Health Science majors will perform literature research to present a review of the biology of a human disease, detailing four areas:

1. the causative agent of the disease;

2. the biochemical mechanism by which disease symptoms result (generally genetic diseases are more straightforward to deal with in these areas);

3. how the individual is affected by these molecular events (to be covered in detail);

4. and finally how the disease agent(s) and their symptoms affect the population. 

Environmental Biology/Science/Studies majors may choose to do the disease overview project, or they may choose to focus on a current environmental issue and summarize the solution options currently being discussed/implemented, as long as their topic is not covered as part of any Ethical Issues presentation.”

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