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The Cold War

1st May 1978: The U2 high flying spy plane developed by America. During the cold war Russia managed to shoot one down over their country. Here the plane is being used to assist US farmers by taking high level photographs of the topography of their land. (Photo by Central Press/Getty Images)

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Four Research Essays and Accompanying Presentations

4 pages each. Students will conduct research on various topics related to the course material. A one-page “handout” which presents the research to other members of the class in the context of small groups will also be created. 


Research paper 1:   Choose a topic below and construct a research paper that demonstrates how “pop culture” reflected the social upheaval of the 1960s


Print media

Research paper 2:  Choose a topic below and construct a research paper that demonstrates what the experiences of American soldiers were like during the War in Vietnam or what it was like when they arrived home after their time of service.

Experience of African-American soldiers
Geographic challenges
Psychological factors during and after war

Reception of Vietnam veterans 

Research paper 3:  Choose one of the topics below and construct a research paper that demonstrates why certain facets of U.S. foreign policy during the 1980s were controversial.

Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative (aka “Star Wars”)
The Iran-Contra Affair

U.S. intervention in Nicaragua or Granada 

Research paper 4:  Choose one of the topics below and demonstrate why the War on Terror has raised moral dilemmas.

Interrogation techniques
Targeted strikes/use of "drones"
Privacy and civil liberties

The rights of prisoners/suspected extremists


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