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This study guide supplements the detailed information in the course textbook: Control Systems Engineering, by Norman S. Nise. It presents key points about Control Systems from the text and other sources, plus information from the instructor’s experience, in bulletized lists. It covers Chapter 1, Introduction, followed by the two main approaches to control systems: Chapter 2 on Frequency-Domain Modeling, and Chapter 3 on Time-Domain Modeling. Then, Chapter 4, Time Response, and Chapter 6, Stability, are examined. Internet video and other resources related to these topics are included.

The Study Guide also presents material and topics that put automatic controls in proper perspective with respect to 21st century systems, including those where human operators are involved. Case studies show how control systems are developed, prototyped, built, fielded, and adjusted. They also show how systems can go wrong when they are improperly designed or implemented, especially when human factors play a role.

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