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WHY? Course Assignments - Literature Review

Class Goal #4  Ability to read and process a research article.

Outcome: Article review is thorough and articulates the main objectives of study as well as the learning outcomes of the study.


Article Reviews

Write Two Journal article reviews including a summary of the article and the main take home points.

Be sure to write about the Methodology, relevance for the study, and the results of the study.

Did the researchers actually study what they were looking to study?

Is there anything different that could be done to create a better study? 

In Class Exercise

Open this Google Doc

Answer these questions about the article you find:

1.  What is the title of the article?

2.  Who is the author?  What do you know about them?

3.  Locate and scan the Abstract.  What is it? why include?

4.  What is the research question for this article?

5.  What is the research question for this article?

6.  What is the methodology used in this article? 

7.  Who is the audience? Who was this article written for?

8.  What is the APA citation? 

9.  How can you get more articles like this one? 





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