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SOC 2400 Intro to Corrections: Home


The Morgan Library's reference section includes several dictionaries, encyclopedias and handbooks on the subject of Criminal Justice.  Most of these resources will be in HV 6017 - 7900.  You will also find chronologies in the reference section.   

Circulating books will be located on the first floor of the library, with similar call numbers.

Use LancerQuest to locate specific titles.  Below are some examples of books (and ebooks) in both the reference and circulating collections.


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Approved Websites


One 4 page paper will be assigned on a Corrections topic covered in class. This topic should be of particular interest to the student, yet one that is considered controversial in the Corrections field. The objective of this paper is for the student to interact with both sides of the research, and both sides of the argument. This paper must be written using APA format with a minimum of 6 scholarly sources. These resources must be from 2015-present.  Only scholarly sources and governmental websites will be appropriate for this paper. For additional help on the research and writing, please make certain you make use of the writing lab and library. 

Searching for Books

Journal Databases

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PsycINFO Tutorial

Subject Guide

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Statistical Abstracts

The Statistical Abstract of the United States,published since 1878, is the authoritative and comprehensive summary of statistics on the social, political, and economic organization of the United States.  Abstracts for 1878 through 2012 are available at the US Census website (link above.)

Use the Abstract as a convenient volume for statistical reference, and as a guide to additional resources.

The 2012 Edition was the last edition published by the US Government. Since 2013 the Statistical Abstract of the United States has been published by ProQuest.

Selected print copies from the 1960's through the current year are available in the Reference section of the Morgan Library:  




In Class Worksheets

Assignment – Locate information on prison reform.  This is a broad topic so you should narrow it down.  How will you narrow it down?  What is your research question? 

Make sure you are confident in your ability to search for your source types (newspaper, scholarly article, government site, encyclopedia), as you will be teaching the class how to use those resources.

10 minutes to research

7 minutes to present

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