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FINAL PROJECT (20%).  Students will prepare a Bible lesson as follows:

1) Write a two-page paper summarizing your text. Refer to your book for the particular genre you choose and follow the guidelines given. For instance, if you choose narrative you will talk about the setting, the characters, the development of the plot, etc.

2) Develop a teaching outline that includes the main idea of the passage, the main points in the passage, and any subpoints. Write an introduction for your lesson that captures attention and introduces the main idea. Write at least one paragraph for each main point in your lesson explaining how you would teach each point. Write a paragraph that explains an application that emerges from each main point. Write a conclusion that summarizes the main idea, each main point, and provides smooth closure.

3) Write a one-page Background Paper on a topic that emerges from the text (for instance “Jewish weddings in the first century”)(refer to chapters 5-6).

4) Write a one-page paper on a Word Study taken from the text (refer to chapter 9).

5) Include a bibliography page that includes AT LEAST 6 sources.

6) Students will present a summary of their project to the class in 3-5 minutes

Bible Study

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