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MGT 4240 Human Resource Management: Articles

Citing Articles

Identify the color-coded elements to cite articles on your Reference List:

  • Type the article title in sentence case and the journal title in title case
  • Italicize the journal title and volume number
  • Include the DOI in lower case with no space following the colon, eg. doi:xxxx​
  • If no DOI is available, include the URL - do not add a period at the end

Citations in your paper should be formatted in a black or grayscale font.

Reference List

See the APA Publication Manual 6th Edition, pages 180-192 for more on the Reference List.

Basic Article Citation

Basic Article Citation

Example | Print Article

Print Article CitationCover from American Scientist Nov-Dec 2017

Example | Online Article with DOI

Cover image for Personality and Social Psychology BulletinOnline Article with DOI

Example | Online Article without DOI

Online Article without DOICover image from Creation Research Society Quarterly