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BBL 2011 Understanding the Old Testament: Commentaries

Recommendations from Grace Faculty

Because of their expertise, several faculty have recommended resources for students beginning their studies.  

Best Commentaries Lists

Circulating Commentaries

Most of the Commentaries in the library's collection do circulate (can be checked out) and are located on the third floor of the library, starting with BS. You can search the library's collection through LancerQuest using a subject or keyword search:

Subject search       su:Bible Jonah Commentaries 

Keyword search     Jonah Commentaries 

Using a subject search should result in more relevant or accurate results. You will retrieve more results with a keyword search, since the computer will be looking for individual words anywhere in the record. For example, Jonah could be the name of an author or book title and be nothing about the book of Jonah.

Search LancerQuest

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Commentary Sets

Commentaries provide an exposition of Scripture, usually verse-by-verse, by one or more authors. Most commentaries are on individual books of the Bible, but some commentaries cover the entire Bible.  Listed below are some of the commentary sets available in the reference section of the Morgan Library

Sample Commentaires on Exodus and 2 Kings

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