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BIB 2010 Scripture & Interpretation: Remote Students

Concordance pages

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance - Online

Because Strong's Concordance is no longer under copyright protection, you'll find a number of websites that provide access to it.  Some searches will only give you the Strong's number, others will provide more information, such as the transliteration, and links to other verses using the same Greek or Hebrew word.

Reference Materials

The Morgan Library provides access to many Bible study resources in electronic format.  They are available through many of our electronic databases (i.e. Credo, Ebsco Ebooks, Ebook Central, and Theological Libraries E-Book Lending Project).  All of these resources are available through LancerQuest and on the ebook page.

Bible Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

Bible Dictionaries and Encyclopedias often list subjects alphabetically and include people, places, theological subjects, and background information about the biblical world.  Some are multi-volume sets; others are single volumes.

Check out the Scripture Index in the back of these dictionaries to find relevant material for your passage.

Online Commentaries

Searching for Electronic Commentaries in LancerQuest

In the LancerQuest search box (link is below), search the book of the Bible plus the word "commentary" (ex. psalms commentary) in the Search Term box to the right of "Title."    


In the left panel of the results page, click on the box by Grace College and Seminary Library to limit results to items available to Grace students, then click on the box next to eBook. 


The results should then be any electronic commentary you have access to on the book you searched.  


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