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Doctoral Professional Project / Thesis Binding: Home

Library Protocol

Two copies of the professional project are to be turned in and will be kept by the Grace College and Seminary Morgan Library.  Both must be printed on a laser printer and must be on 20 lb. acid-free or acid-neutral white paper, letter size (8 ½ x 11), 25% cotton content.  A watermark is expected.  The faculty mentor will turn in the project, not the student.

The student must send a PDF copy of their final project to the library as an attachment to an email sent to

The Professional Project must be submitted in this form:

  1. Two blank sheets
  2. Approval page
  3. Title page (counts as page i but does not receive a page number).  [Title must be sixteen words or less.  An example is available.]
  4. Copyright page (does not count as a page and is not numbered)  Copyright is centered 2" above the bottom of the page.  [An example is available]
  5. A one-page abstract (Roman numeral ii should appear just above the one-inch bottom margin.)  [An example is available]
  6. Dedication page (does not count as a page and is not numbered) - Optional.
  7. Body of the project beginning with the table of contents and ending with the bibliography (Roman numeral iii should appear on the bottom of the table of contents page).  Pages that precede the table of contents should not be listed in the table of contents.  An Arabic numeral 1 should appear in the upper right corner (within the top margin) of the first page of the first chapter. 
  8. Two blank pages (after the last page of the bibliography)

Note:  Make sure to include one copy of the signed “Copy Release” with the copies of your professional project that you present shortly before graduation, but don’t include a copy with each of the projects to be bound.

Instructions and Examples


This form MUST be completed, signed, and submitted to the library with your Professional Project. 

The form is available as a pdf, which you can print out and complete, or a fillable PDF that you can complete online, save, and print or submit to the library (

Personal Thesis Binding

If you want bound copies for your own personal use, they will cost $26.00* per copy, plus shipping and handling if you want them mailed to you. They may be submitted on whatever paper you wish.  If you do not submit your copy on acid-free, cotton-content paper, be sure to distinguish clearly between the copies that you are submitting.  If you mail your copies, please be sure to pack them so that they will not be damaged in transit.

See Mrs. Jodi Nakasone at the Grace College, Morgan Library to discuss what color cover and lettering you want.  The phone for the library is 574-372-5100 ext. 6294; email:

* This cost may be higher by the time you finish your Professional Project.  Our library only charges what they are charged, but you will have to pay the going rate at the time you complete your work.

Binding Color Options

If binding a personal thesis, you will need to choose:

1. The color of the font on the spine: Black, White, or Gold

2. The color of the binding:

Creative Commons License

Because your work is in a fixed format, you own the copyright to that work.  You do not need to register your work with the copyright office, however, if you need to bring a lawsuit for infringement, you will need to have registered the work with the U.S. Copyright Office. In addition to the copyright notice, we are asking you to also make your work available under a Creative Commons License.  By doing this you are making your work available to others to use without having to contact you first.   This saves you and the library time and makes your work more widely available for others to use. You can decide upfront how you will allow others to use your work. 

To help you choose a license you can use a form from Creative Commons –

There are six different licenses which grant various levels of permission, using a combination of these four conditions:

BY – Attribution           Others may use your work but must give you credit

ND – NoDerivatives      Others may copy, distribute, or display your work as is

NC – NonCommercial   Others may use your work, but only for non-commercial purposes

SA – ShareAlike            If others use your work to make derivative or new work, they must use the same license

Here are a couple of combinations:

BY-NC-SA     =  Attribution + Noncommercial +ShareAlike

BY-NC-ND     =  Attribution + Noncommercial +NoDerivatives

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