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Guidelines for creating Posters.


Academic Poster Ideas

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Designing your Poster

Using Power Point to Create Poster

Open a blank PowerPoint page

On the Design Tab - choose Slide Size (Custom)

Change Width to 36 in and Height to 24 in.

Use "Insert" to make Text Boxes and insert Pictures


To Save to .PDF

File-->Export -->Create PDF

Save on a USB drive

Using Google Slides to Create your Poster

To set up poster

     File --> Page Set up

     Choose Custom, and set size in Inches 

To Save to .PDF.

      File --> Download as

      Choose PDF Document

Poster Tip ... in a poster

Poster example

Thanks to @collinpurrington   Check out his website, Designing Conference Posters, for more great ideas 

Layout Tips

Posters are visual presentations - the text and graphics should support each other

                    Write your Research Paper, first

Then, sketch your design arranging your sections in 3 or 4 columns; following a logical sequence, such as a section for your Abstract, Main Idea, Summary or Conclusion and the References or bibliography

Get to the point and LIMIT your text.  Use photos, figures, and tables to tell your story

Blocks of text:  for a cleaner look, do a Full Justify

Use only 2-3 colors 

Suggested Typefaces

  • Trebuchet
  • Verdana
  • Tahoma
  • Ariel
  • Lucida Sans

Suggested Type Sizes (approx)

  • Title                   72 - 80 pt
  • Authors             48 - 60 pt
  • Headings          36 - 60 pt   
  • approx 50% larger than main text 
  • Main Text          24 - 36 pt
  • Captions           24 - 32 pt
  • Works Cited      24 pt

FYI - 100 point font is approximately 1" high



If you are presenting at a conference, you may wish to add a logo.


Poster Sections

Main parts of your poster may include:

  • Title
  • Introduction
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Discussion of Result
  • Conclusion
  • Works Cited
  • Further information

Poster Sessions - Step by Step

Printing Your Poster

Printing Tips:

  1. Create your poster in the size you would like it to be printed. (24 x 36 inches)
  2. Save as PDF
  3. Save to a Flash Drive or Google Drive

Printing Costs:

  • Black and White -- $1.50 per square foot
  • Color - $2.00 per square foot

(A 2' x 3' color poster would cost $12.00)

Please Note:  This printer is reserved for large, single posters.  To print multiple posters, faculty please contact Marketing and students please contact Student Affairs.

Images and Graphics

To make your poster more attractive, you may want to add images and graphics.

Creative Commons Licenses allow you to use the works of many others.  Check out how to do this at this Research Guide.


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