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The Learning Center offers one-on-one and group tutoring sessions in a variety of content areas and for specific classes.  This service is FREE for Grace students.  If you need a tutor for one of your classes, visit the Learning Center page on the Portal to view the list of current tutors. (Portal/Campus Life/Learning Center)  Find a list of all the current tutors on staff and contact a tutor who is in your discipline by campus email to work out a time and place to meet for a session.   Students generally meet with their tutor for one hour each week for the entire session, but this is not required, and a one-time appointment can be made upon student request. During that time, tutors review class notes, answer questions, give informal quizzes and provide study tips.


Courses and Content

Chemistry I & II
English as a Second Language
English and Writing (general)
Health Sciences
    Biology I & II
    Organic Chemistry
    Anatomy and Physiology
Criminal Justice


***Up-to-date information on tutors is available on the Portal (see instructions on this page)

Contact a Tutor

  1. Log on to the Grace Portal
  2. Click on Campus Life
  3. Click on Learning Center
  4. Click on Tutors
  5. Find a tutor for your class and email the tutor directly 
  6. Set up a time and place to meet
  7. Decide whether you need a weekly appointment or just as-needed tutoring sessions

If no tutor is listed for the course or content in which you need help, please contact Calla Andrews.  She will find a student to help you.

Tutoring Contact Info


                 Calla Andrews

         Coordinator of Academic
              Support Services

             574-372-5100 ext. 6427