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SOC 4150 Gender, Race, Violence: Home


Research Paper

Write a 4-7 page research paper on a current issue facing the criminal justice system, examining the role of gender, race, and violence in this issue.  This paper must integrate biblical beliefs into the subject matter. 

You will also present a 5-minute overview of the paper to the class. 

Format:  APA 7th edition style, with at least 7 scholarly peer-reviewed sources.  Rely primarily on journal articles from 2015 to the present.

You may also use government websites (example:, although these will not count toward your source requirement.

The abstract and reference pages will be in addition to the page length requirement. 

Group Presentation

Each group is required to create a 20-minute presentation on an assigned topic. The purpose of this presentation is to discuss the assigned subject and relate it to the current events in the United States. All presentations must include how the topic intersects with gender, race, and violence.  

Subject Guide

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