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SOC 4150 Gender, Race, Violence: Books and Articles

Journal Databases

Government Databases

NOTE:  No NOT use quotation marks ("  ")  around phrases in your search

Addtional Databases


The Morgan Library's provides access to print and electronic books on the subject of Criminal Justice.  Most of the print books will be in HV 6017 - 7900  (on the first floor).  Or search through LancerQuest for print and electronic books.  Selected titles are listed below.


Search LancerQuest for information about the Artist.

To search for your artist as the subject use su:

example:  su: monet

How To Read a Research Article

For Each Article you locate in your search:


  • Abstract -- Start here.  If the information provided here meets your needs, continue on.  If not, find an article that better fits your needs
  • Introduction - What is the author proposing?
  • Conclusion - What did the author discover?
  • Literature Review, Methodology, Research, etc. - Start from the beginning and carefully read with your pen in hand so you can ANNOTATE
    • If you don't know a Word, look it up:

ANNOTATE - write all on and throughout your reading of the article

  • Summarize - paragraphs or sections
  • Reflect on arguments
  • Evaluate the evidence 

PsycINFO Tutorial

Why use PsychINFO Thesaurus

Scholarly Articles

Scholarly periodicals are usually published by professional organizations or academic institutions and consist of reports of research written byjournal cover professors or scholars in their field.  Some examples are, The Journal of Management, Journal of Educational Research, Journal for the Study of Paul and His Letters, and Research in Phenomenology  Often these publications are not published more than quarterly, sometimes only one or two times each year.  The journals consist of articles that are long 15-30 pages and the only images are graphs or charts that reflect the research being discussed.  Occasionally there will be advertisements for conferences or writing opportunities.

Is this Journal Full Text?

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