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COM 1100 - Public Speaking in Society: Appointments with a Librarian

Set up an appointment

Schedule an appointment to review your research and locate resources that will help you transform your informative speech into a persuasive speech.  stack of books

  • Appointments can be held virtually over GoogleMeet or in person at the Library's Help Desk.
  • Please send your research questions to your librarian after scheduling your appointment.  
  • Students who are more than 10 minutes late will have to reschedule. 

Check each calendar for the time most convenient for you.

Don't forget to send your research assignment to your librarian!

Schedule an appointment with

Rhoda Palmer's picture
Rhoda Palmer
574-372-5100 x6293

Schedule an appointment with

Miriam Liethen's picture
Miriam Liethen
Morgan Library
574-372-5100 x6292

Schedule an appointment with

Tonya Fawcett's picture
Tonya Fawcett
Morgan Library, Room 204
574.372.5100 x6291