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ART 3520 Contemporary Visual Culture: Class Assignment

Inclass worksheet

Remove the lines and type your answers into the spaces for your team.

You will have 7 minutes to prepare and 5 minutes to present to the class.

Have Fun!


location and "type of art" or issue


Color of Contemporary Visual Culture   -   Schemes, "popular colors" "Use of color" , "color schemes"  art, sculpture, painting, design

Environmental Art – Politics of Visibility - nature, "environmental awareness", activism, materials, sustainability, "publically funded, 

Indigenous Lifeways - culture, "culture specific art" "native art" "historical roots" "spirituality in art" traditions

The State of Community – Public Art - installations, "publically funded", "street art", "art for everyone" , modern, 

Leaving Home – Bordering Justice - immigration, transition, refugee, "movement of people" , "foreign policy", hardship

and Student Choice....

Turning topics into search terms. . . 

Class Assignment

1. Due weekly: Visual Research SketchbookJournals for artists/artworks from 5 Continents for each of 5 Topics

2. 1-3 artists for each Continent inserted into Sketchbook-Journals each week – photos of pages uploaded weekly

3. Use ppt Template for image captures will select from these for group presentations per Topic; Template posted to Moodle; may print 25% for small size.

4. List artist/artworks on the map; may index with icons, numbers, or color-coding

5. Students sign up for Topic; will present 30 min Topic each Thursday

6. Final choice individual

7. Research findings can be drawn from original for stylistic representation on velum or other kinds of paper

Subject Guide

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Tonya Fawcett
Morgan Library, Room 204
574.372.5100 x6291

World Map

574-372-5100 ext. 6297
Morgan Library - Learning Center
Grace College & Seminary
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Winona Lake, IN 46590
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