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FYE 1000 - First-Year Foundations: Internet Research

This Research guide introduces library resources that are helpful for research.

Google Scholar

Search Google Scholar to find scholarship through the Google search engine.  Look for the Full Text  @ Grace College links to access articles for free.

If you find an article that is really good, but are asked to pay for that article.  Fill out an Interlibrary Loan form instead, and we'll get it from another library. 


Google Scholar Search

Internet Searches

Other Search Enginges you may want to try:  

Bing is Microsoft's search engine

DuckDuckGo and Startpage are two search engines that do not collect and save information on your searches. is a general purpose search engine that uses crowdsourcing software to obtain its results.  

Startpage searches Google for you, then returns the results to you.

 Yippy (formerly is a deep web search engine with options for narrowing by cloud, sites, sources, or time provided with your results.


To learn more about search engines, check out Search Engine Watch 



Evaluating Internet Sources



 What is the purpose of the website? 

 Timeliness  What is the publish/update date?
 Authority  Who is the author?  What are their credentials?
 Accuracy/Bias   Is the information correct? What is the bias expressed at this site? How does this information compare to other information?