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VCD 2120 / 3430 Artist Biographies: Effective Presentations


Power Point Tips

Adding a citation to your image:  Go to the Insert Menu > Text Box. Simply move the text box beneath your image insert your citation.

Text:           Avoid Multiple Typefaces

Font Size:    Titles 24-36 points

Text 8-24 points

Line Spacing:  1.2 to 1.5   (not single space)

Bulleted Lists: 

  • Use a maximum of 6 points
  • Create one list per slide
  • Place one space between bullet and text
  • Use short statements, not complete sentences

Colors:  Choose text and background color combinations that are easy to read and will project on all types of screens.  practice your powerpoint presentation in a room similar to your presentation room to see how your images and text are displayed.

Artwork Citation | Image Caption

An image caption contains more information than the works cited entry, such as dimensions, funder and object number. Include whatever information the institution has provided.

Example | Image Caption

Image of Monet's Water Lilies [panel 2]

Image Caption

This image would be referenced in the Works Cited section as follows:

Image Caption in Works Cited


Blue Morning / Bellows

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Prof Reiff's Power Point Example