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Agribusiness: Business Sources

This guide is designed to meet the needs of Agribusiness students

Charts, Graphs & Tables

See APA Publication Manual 7th Edition:

  • pages 195-224 for tables
  • pages 225-250 for graphs, charts and more

Citing Business Sources

Identify the color-coded elements to cite business sources on your Reference List:

Following the company name, place the type of business source in square brackets, eg. [Company profile].

If no date is specified, put (n.d.) in the year field.

Do not put a period after the URL.

Citations in your paper should be formatted in a black or grayscale font.

Reference List

See APA Publication Manual 7th Edition, pages 281-309 for more information, and pages 313-352 for reference examples.

Citing a Chart, Graph, Table etc.

Statista citationStatista logo

When you insert a chart, graph, table etc. in your paper, include a citation caption directly below it:

Graph from Statista 2017











Figure example

Company Profile

Hoover's APA 7Nexis Uni logo

Nexis Uni logoCompany profile

NOTE: Include "Company Profile" in square brackets if there is not a document container name.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis

Statista Tip

Citing a Statista chart?

  1. Click the citation button (Speech mark icon, see below)
  2. Select APA citation style

Citation button in Statista

Is the chart from a Statista dossier?

  1. Copy and paste the chart name into the Statista search bar
  2. Select the correct chart name
  3. Click the citation button
  4. Select APA style
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