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BIB 3300 Essential Doctrinal Themes: Books and Journal Articles


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Locating Book in the library

Books in the library are shelved based on the Library of Congress Call Number system (LCCN).  

Theology Books are typically located in the BT's.  Circulating BTs are located on the 3rd floor.  Reference BTs are located on the main floor.

BT      Doctrinal Theology

BT 98 - BT 180        God

BT 198 - BT 590      Christology

BT 695 - BT 749      Creation

BT 750 - BT 811      Salvation

BT 819 - BT 891      Eschatology 

BT 899 - BT 940      Future Life

Electronic Books

Primary Databases

Secondary Resources

Selected Theology Books

Print Systematic Theology books are located on the 3rd floor BT 75.2 - BT 75.3.  There are also a number of electronic books that you might find helpful.  Search LancerQuest for "Systematic Theology" and then limit to ebooks.

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Books for 8-year olds

The Juvenile collection is located on the lower level of the Morgan Library to the right of stairs.

JE - Juvenile Easy  - Pre-K to 2nd Grade

J - Juvenile - 3rd Grade through High School

JE 200's and J 200's are where you will find religious books

There are also a few books on  Reserve at the Circulation Desk.

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