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SOC 3560 Victimology: Getting Started


Group Presentation: Each group will consist of 4 students. Each group is required to create a 30-minute presentation on “victims” and the broader social context of the problem. This should include examining why some victims receive more attention than others, including policy responses and service delivery. Your presentations could address the following as appropriate for your topic:

       Who is impacted by the harm?

        What is the scope and frequency of the harm?

        What is the psychological and emotional impact of the harm?

        What is the individual and societal financial impact of this harm?

        Why has this type of harm received less attention?

        Is this a victimless crime? Where is the responsibility?

        What types of support are available and by who or what organization?

        Are there still some unmet needs for this group of victims?

        Any suggestions for gaining more support?

        Who do you think could share in the responsibility of repairing harm or supporting the victims?

        You may also discuss psychological treatment interventions for the victim group.

Students are also expected to consider possible alternatives to address this problem more effectively.


The last two to three slides of the power point should include an annotated bibliography which has no less than seven references to academic journal articles. These articles must have been published between 2000-present and be cited using APA style formatting. If websites are utilized they must be HIGHLY credible such as Uniform Crime Report, FBI, Department of Justice, etc.

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