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Fluid Mechanics

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Research Assignment

Students will develop a single Annotated Bibliography that will assist future students in understanding fluid mechanics.

Included will be associated Fluid Mechanics research, along with research in related subjects.

It will  include

(1) authoritative sources of information on fluid mechanics and recent research, and

(2) classic papers from the past that have shaped our approach to fluid mechanics.

Each entry will be annotated to explain its significance.

The completed bibliography will be posted on this Research guide for future students' use.

Research Guide Purpose

Research can be intimidating, especially when it is combined with an intense topic like fluid mechanics; however, with the help of this research guide to direct the process, any engineering student may succeed.

Authoritative sources of information are compiled on fluid mechanics tools and recent research to provide a basic list of resources to utilize without needing to check for reliability. These sources can also guide further research through presenting related information and topics previously unexplored. In addition to simply providing a list of sources and tools, this research guide acknowledges the significance of each item and how its features may be used to effectively conduct research.

Another element of this research guide is a compilation of classic papers from the past that have shaped the approach to engineering fluid mechanics. This encourages a further understanding and appreciation for the subject by exploring the fundamental conclusions reached by acclaimed engineers of the past.

Other informational sources in related fluid applications are included to enhance understanding of key fluid mechanics concepts. Reference to professional and regulatory standards is included to provide an understanding of real world engineering expectations. Through the application of theoretical concepts to real-world devices, a much more thorough and realistic grasp can be gained on the topics at hand in the fluid mechanics course.


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