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BIB 2010 ONLINE Scripture & Interpretation: Home

This guide is designed for the students taking the online version of BIB 2010 Scripture & Interpretation


Study of a Biblical Character:   Write a well-researched first-person narrative a Bible characters (see syllabus)

The narrative will be 5 pages in length, primarily based on the biblical text.  Creativity is encouraged.  Thus, the narrative will contain but is not limited to, a) historical background (important people and dates), b) geographical insight (map), and c) archeological data.  The narrative will not be a mere retelling of the biblical story.  For research purposes, at least 5 sources should be used (books, articles from theological journals/dictionaries; web resources are prohibited). 

You must cite your sources using footnotes and provide a bibliography at the end of your paper

Due Date:  11 April


Lead a Small Group Bible Study:  You will be required to teach one short Bible lesson on a biblical text of your choice with a small group of your choice (students must be at least 13 years or older and group must be at least 4 members). After the lesson, members of your small group will fill out an assessment sheet to help you know your strengths and weaknesses. 

You will turn in your lesson plan, a 2-page reflection paper of your teaching experience and the percentage your students gave you for your teaching session. More details are available on the learning house site.

Due Date:  5 May.

Instructional Slides for using Bible Study Tools

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