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BIB 3290 The Gospel According to Mark: Articles

Article Elements

Identify the various elements for citing articles with the colors below:

               Article Title              
               Journal Title            
           Issue, No., Date           
           Page cited/range         
    DOI/URL/Database Name   

Citations in your paper should be formatted in a black or grayscale font.

Page Numbers

In footnotes, list the specific page numbers being referenced.

In the bibliography, list the page range for the whole article.

Bibliography Citations

Arrange bibliography citations alphabetically by authors' last names.

Single space each entry, with one line of space separating citations.

Indent each entry a 1/2 inch from the second line onwards.

Turabian Quick Guide

Basic Article Citation

Basic Article Citation

Example: Journal Article in Print

Journal Article in PrintImage of Trinity Journal

Example: Journal Article Online

Journal Article OnlineImage of Missiology cover

Example: Newspaper Article

Newspaper ArticleImage of Newspaper

Example: Blog Article

Logo of Desiring GodBlog Article