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GRE 2010 / NT 7040 Greek Exegesis: Journal Articles

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R&TA Scripture Search

To search by Religious & Theological Abstracts by Scripture Citation you'll need to use the Advanced Search

Bible Citation Format : When specifying using the examples below, please make sure that there are no whitespaces between any chapter and verse numbers; for example, you must use "Genesis 1:1-2:2" and not "Genesis 1 : 1 - 2 : 2". 

  1. book of [ book name ]
      e.g. Book of Neh
    This looks in all verses and chapters within a specific book. The example given will search for abstracts referring to any passage in Nehemiah.
  2. [ book name ] [ start chapter ]:[ start verse ]-[ end chapter ]:[ end verse ]
      e.g. Genesis 1:2-10:11
    This looks in a specific book for a specific start and end chapter / verse. The example given will search for abstracts referring to any passage in Genesis between 1:2 and 10:11.
  3. [ book name ] [ chapter ]-[ chapter ]
      e.g. Psalms 6-12
    This searches all verses between two chapters. The example looks for Psalms Chapters 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and all verses therein.
  4. [ book name ] [ chapter ]
      e.g. Ezra 10
    This searches all verses in a particular chapter of the book. The example looks for abstracts containing a reference to Ezra 10, all verses.
  5. [ book name ] [ chapter ]:[ start verse ]-[ end verse ]
      e.g. Exodus 1:5-11
    This finds abstracts using one particular book between a specific start and end verse. This example looks for Exodus Chapter 1, verses 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.
  6. [ book name ] [ chapter ]:[ verse ]
      e.g. Job 3:5
    This searches for a specific chapter and verse. References to Job 3:5 will be returned.

(from Religious and Theological Abstracts help page)

Primary Databases

Atla Religion Database Scripture Searching

There are 3 methods for searching Atla Religion Database using Scripture Citations.

First a bit of history - ATLA Database began as a print INDEX tool and did not include a Scripture index in the print index. The Scripture Search option came AFTER ATLA became a digital product.  Therefore many of the older articles which address scripture passages are not included in the Scripture Search.

  1. Scripture Search function
  2. Bible Citation Index
  3. Scripture Citation search field

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Open Access Theological Journals

Many of these resources are available through the Grace LancerQuest search.  We are providing these links should you desire to browse through available titles.