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Information Literacy - or learning to do research: a life time skill: Introduction

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Tonya Fawcett
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Learning to Research?  I'm sure you already do research. 

In the last year what things/events or situations caused you to seek an explanation?

What steps did you take to find answers or satisfy your curiosity?

You probably have been seeking answers to questions for a long time.  You may have asked a friend or a family member for answers.  Undoubtedly you've searched on the internet for answers to your question.  Why were some answers more acceptable to you and other answers?  You have already been practicing the skills of a researcher. 

As Librarians, we want to show you some academic sources to help you learn to research for academic questions, which come in the form of papers, projects, and speeches.

The tabs at the top of this page will link you to instruction on how to use the different types of resources.  At any time in your learning to do academic research, please feel free to reach out to the librarians and ask for clarity or assistance.  We expect that not everything we've written is going to make perfect sense.  Give us the opportunity to provide a better explanation.  The email will be the most effective way to reach us.

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Miriam Liethen
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