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NAICS (pronouced NAKES), the North American Industry Classification System, is the 6-digit industry classification system developed in cooperation with Canada and Mexico for classifying businesses for the purposes of collecting, analyzing and publishing statistical data.

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SIC Code

The SIC (Standard Industry Classification) Code is the system used by US government agencies to classifying industries by a four-digit code.   It was to be replaced by the NAICS code, but some databases and agencies still use the SIC Codes.

Keyword or SIC Code Search

Manual Search

Business Source Complete

  1. To find information on an Industry, Use the Advanced Search (hotlink under search button)
  2. Enter either a NAICS code or a word that describes your business in the search box
  3. Choose  "NAICS code or Description" in the "Select a Field" box.

HINT:  Use a broad industry topic/word, then use the limiters on the left side of the results page.  Click on Source types and look for "Industry Profiles" and/or "SWOT  Analyses"

Nexis Uni - Industry Search

In Nexis Uni you can find out about an industry, the top companies, and ration components in that industry either by searching on a term or using a SIC (Standard Industry Classification) number.  

From the Nexis Uni home page,

1.  Click on All Nexis Uni to the right of the Search Box.

2.  Choose Company and Financial from the drop-down list

Nexis Univ Search Screen shot

3.  Enter your "Industry"  (recreation, bakery, retail) into the search box, press Enter

4.  To narrow your results, use the limiters on the left side of the screen.  Industry drop-down will allow you to choose a particular Industry field.  Category drop-down may reveal Analyst Reports.     

Hoovers Industry Surveys

Nexis Uni

--> In Guided Search area, choose, "A Publication"

      --> In "Find Publication" box, type "Hoover's Industry Snapshots"

                 --> Click Search

Use the "Search Within Results" box to narrow the results to the industry you are researching

Nexis Uni Search Publication Screen shot

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