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VCD 4480 Advanced Visual Communication Design: Government Resources

Works Cited Core Elements

Create your Works Cited by using the template of core elements. List each relevant element for every source.

MLA 9 Core Elements

For online sources list each relevant element from containers 1 and 2, and include an access date. 

More Information

See the MLA Handbook 9th Editionpages 120-121, for more information on citing government resources. 

URL Citations

DOI logoInclude a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) to an online journal article when possible, eg.

If no DOI is available, include a URL without http:// or https://

Permanent link logoOn a database, use the permanent link or permalink.

Include an access date at the end of a citation. Your professor requires it.

Basic Government Citation

When citing a government author, arrange work cited entry from macro to micro: 

Name of Government, Name of Agency.


United Nations, World Health Organization.

United States, Department of the Interior.


Print Government Resource

MLA 9 Government print bookAgricultural Statistics

Electronic Government Resource

Cover for A Green FutureElectronic Government Resource

Government Author AND Publisher

When a government author is also the publisher, omit the government author field. Begin with the source's title, and include the government name in the publisher field.

Government and AuthorCover for Occupational Outlook Handbook 2014-2015