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PSY 3550 - Health Psychology: Home

Learning Objectives

Course Learning Objectives:

4.   Critically examine current research in health psychology and apply health psychology principles and findings to health promotion, disease prevention, and treatment. (CG: 3)

5.    Develop professional skills through reading and integrating empirical and theoretical contributions of the field then expressing knowledge in both written and oral form. (CG: 3)  


Course Assignments

Innovate Healthcare Changes Poster Presentation: You are free to come up with a creative program to address where Psychology and Primary Care, Hospitals, Public Health or Schools may partner to develop integrated care services. You must first look at the current needs in our society. The goal of this project is to look at the needs of the public and existing gaps of care.

Health Research and Psychological Research: This assignment is completed in class in groups of 4. Each student is expected to prepare a research article and discuss both a disease and a comorbid psychological condition. Students are expected to describe and explain the disease state and why this psychological condition is more common with this illness. Each group is also expected to discuss the psychological treatment that is most commonly used to address the comorbid psychological condition. 


Find 3-4 research articles on psychology principles as they relate to a health condition listed below.

Prepare a 5-10-minute talk at the beginning of class, discussing how certain psychological conditions, stress, or other principles complicate the health conditions.

Present a 1-2 page single-spaced summary statements and an APA style bibliography of the articles. The articles for this assignment can only come from peer-reviewed jouirnals. If a student submits an article for a general website, they will receive a failing grade for this assignment. (Topics marked with an asterisk (*) can be chosen by multiple groups but different articles are required.)

a. Asthma

b. Cancer * 

c. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease 

d. Diabetes * 

e. Gastrointestinal Reflux Disorder 

f. Migraines* 

g. Obesity 

h. Chronic/Pain Management*  

Subject Guide

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