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LIT 3670 Young Adult Literature: Home

Searching for Books

On the lower level of the Morgan Library you will find the Children's and YA Literature collection.  To determine the YA books located in this collection you can perform a Subject Search in LancerQuest  your search will turn up a number of books in this collection

In the search box type:      su:Young adult works

Searching for YA Literature in LancerQuest

To locate Young Adult or Adolescent literature in LancerQuest, click on Advanced Search.

On the right, under Searching Databases, confirm that only is being searched. Click Save Changes above if changes are made.

There are more boxes on the bottom left of the screen. Change Audience to “Juvenile” and Held By Library to “Grace College and Seminary.”

Choose other criteria as desired and enter key terms in the search boxes.  Click on  Search.

You can limit the search further by checking the appropriate boxes along the left side of the page. 

Look for Call numbers that start with YA

The Children's and YA Literature collection is located on the lower level of the library, to the right of and behind the stairs.  

Recommended Book Lists

Research Compentency Guidelines for Literatures in English (ACRL)

"Research plays an indispensable role in the textual discovery process for students. Good research skills help the literary explorer learn more about the author and the author’s world, examine scholarly interpretations of the text, and create new studies and interpretations to add to a body of knowledge. Sometimes the goals of textual discovery and interpretation can get lost in the minutiae of database searching and conforming to specific citation styles. "


I. Understand the structure of information within the field of literary research.

II. Identify and use key literary research tools to locate relevant information.

III. Plan effective search strategies and modify search strategies as needed.

IV. Recognize and make appropriate use of library services in the research process.

V. Understand that some information sources are more authoritative than others and demonstrate critical thinking in the research process.

VI. Understand the technical and ethical issues involved in writing research essays.

VII. Locate information about the literary profession itself.


"Research Competency Guidelines for Literatures in English", American Library Association, September 6, 2006. (Accessed October 21, 2019)

Teaching Adolescent Literature - Selected Books

Subject Guide

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Tonya Fawcett
Morgan Library, Room 204
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Education Resource Center

Teacher Education students have access to an invaluable resource during their years at the college. The Education Resource Center (ERC), located in Mount Memorial Hall, houses a small collection of textbooks, tests, children’s and adolescent literature, and curriculum materials. The collection also includes manipulatives and instructional tools to aid in developmentally appropriate instruction. This resource is of particular value while taking methods courses and during student teaching.

As of Fall 2018, the lamination service has moved to the Library.  Submit your materials requiring lamination to the staff at the Circulation desk.

HOURS  10-3 Monday - Friday

574-372-5100 ext. 6297
Morgan Library - Learning Center
Grace College & Seminary
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