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LIT 3670 Young Adult Literature: Finding Articles


Selected Articles

Is this Journal Full Text?

Scholarly Journal or Magazine?

How can you tell if an article is scholarly or from a magazine?

If you get your article from an online database, you can usually limit your results list to just scholarly journals.  If you are using a print copy, here's some tips: 

1. Scholarly journals report on original research and usually include charts, graphs and formulas.  The articles are lengthy and usually have headings like method or methodology, results, and conclusion and include a bibliography.   Examples of scholarly journals are American Journal of Education, Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, and Modern Fiction Studies.

2. Magazine articles are written to inform and entertain a general audience. They may be news magazines, sports interest, cultural and social news, or a variety of topics features.  They usually have colorful covers, lots of photos and advertisements.  Articles are usually brief but can be longer and they seldom have a bibliography.  Examples of magazines are Newsweek, Good Housekeeping, and Popular Mechanics. 


Searching the Databases

Educational Research Complete, ERIC and Professional Development Collection are Education databases that will include journal articles on TEACHING or PEDAGOGY.

Academic Search Complete, Literary Reference Center Plus, Litfinder, and  JSTOR  are databases that will help you locate book reviews and/or literary criticism that may be helpful as you prepare to teach a particular piece of literature.

ERIC Thesaurus

Anatomy of a Journal Citation

Image of Citation from EBSCO

Subject Guide

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Research Citation Management

For more information, see the Zotero Research Guide.

Evaluating Internet Sources

Timeliness - create/update date

Authority - who is the author?  What are their credentials?

Accuracy - Is the information correct?  How does this information compare to other information?

Accessibility - Can you access the site consistently

Bias - What is the bias expressed at this site


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