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Deploy: Cite While You Write

Instructions for Seminary Library research.

Word Processors

Word Processors

Zotero works well with:

  • Microsoft Word (the full version), but not with Microsoft mobile or Word starter
  • Apache OpenOffice
  • Libre Office
  • NeoOffice


Zotero does not work well with 

  • Apple Pages
  • Mobile word Processors including QuickOffice, Polaris Office, etc. 
  • Google Docs
  • Microsoft Word Starter
  • Microsoft Office365 (in the cloud)



Video tutorial

Manually instalilng the Zotero Word Processor Plugin

Occasionally, there are problems with installing the Zotero Plugin in World.  The Zotero Documentation at has helpful information on solutions. 

For the latest information go to Zotero Support.

Screen shot of Zotero documentation - help page