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Deploy: Ebook Tutorials

Instructions for Seminary Library research.

Ebook Central E-books

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Theological E-Books

Borrowing ebooks:  Browse or search for a book and then click on the "borrow" button.  If you have not already logged into using your Grace login, you will be prompted to do so.  The book will be added to your checked-out items list.

You can then choose to download the ebook to the computer or to display it in your browser.

Downloading Software for Ebook Readers:

  • For Windows, Linux or Mac Laptops and desktops, install Adobe Digital Editions.
  • For iPads, install the Odilo app.  Once you have downloaded the app, look for "ATLA Libraries" under the list of libraries and select Grace College & Seminary and log in with your Grace login.  The catalog of available ebooks will then be visible.


Instructions for installing Adobe Digital Editions: 

1. Click on the Adobe Digital Editions.
2. Download the appropriate application -- Windows or Mac, depending on your computer.
3. Check box to accept terms in the license agreement and click Next to continue. 
4. Choose a destination for software to be installed - most choose the default suggested. 
5. Go to the folder where the downloaded file was saved and double-click to run the installer.
6. When installation is complete, click Close and Done to exit set-up.
7. Open Adobe Digital Editions and authorize.
8. Go to Menu/ Help/ Authorize Computer.
9. Complete the Authorize My Computer screen:
    a. Vendor: Odilo
‚Äč    b. ID:  your campus (email) login
    c. Password:  your campus password
10. Click on Authorize.

Atla Ebooks Lending Program FAQs
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