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Guide for authors of the The Journal of Integrative Behavioral Science

The Journal of Integrated Behavioral Science

The Journal of Integrative Behavioral Science


The Journal of Integrative Behavioral Science was developed to advance the quality empirical research undertaken by undergraduates, graduates, and faculty at Grace College. JIBS advances the mission of Grace College to foster devotion to serious academic inquiry through promoting critical, thoughtful, and active participation and practice in the behavioral sciences.


The Journal of Integrative Behavioral Science at Grace College allows students and faculty to showcase their research and gain publication experience with a broader academic audience.  The editing for JIBS provides the opportunity for students to learn how to be critical reviewers and consumers of literature in the behavioral sciences. Through involvement with JIBS, students will gain experience reviewing and editing manuscripts and consulting regarding research design and statistical development.  Furthermore, JIBS allows all involved students to network with faculty and other high-achieving behavioral science students through the publication experiences. Ultimately, JIBS seeks to demonstrate Grace College’s commitment to quality of original empirical and theoretical research.


The Journal of Integrative Behavioral Science recognizes and supports diverse disciplines, perspectives, and methods across social, psychological, and theological sciences.  JIBS features articles that cover theoretical integration of ideas of social, psychological, biological, and theological sciences, and original empirical research articles of general scientific value.  JIBS integrates the knowledge from many fields in a new synthesis of universal behavioral science.  The journal publishes papers that represent theoretical exploration and original empirical research undertaken by students and faculty at Grace College.

About Grace College:

Grace College is an evangelical Christian community of higher education which applies biblical values in strengthening character, sharpening competence and preparing for service. Grace Theological Seminary is a learning community dedicated to teaching, training and transforming the whole person for local church and global ministry.

At Grace, the students, administration, faculty and staff aim together to make Christ preeminent in all things. Students learn this by living, studying, working, worshiping and achieving academic success with others who share similar Christian ideals in a setting where the community lifestyle fosters devotion to serious academic inquiry, wholesome recreation and relaxation and mature spiritual growth.

Dr. Lisa Wooley, Psy.D. HSPP

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