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The Journal of Integrative Behavioral Science Writing Guide: Web Resources

Guide for authors of the The Journal of Integrative Behavioral Science

Basic Guidelines

Provide as much information as possible to assist your professor in evaluating your resource.  Include:

1. Author
2. Title of web page (italicized)
3. Date web page was published (or updated)
4.  URL of web page

Tips:  Capitalize the first word only of the page title, unles it includes proper nouns.  

Do not put a period at the end of the URL (even though it is at the end of the citation).

Keep URL all on one line; if necessary, break only before a forward slash (/).

Web Page Citation Examples

Web Page


Web Page, No Stated Author

If no author can be found, begin the citation with the title of the Web page.


Africa: arts and cultures. (2009). Retrieved from



If the author's full name cannot be found, it is acceptable to use the blogger's screen name.


Lessig, L. (2009, April 26). Architects of openness [Web log message]. Retrieved from

Annoyed Librarian. (2009, July 22). Improving neighborhood libraries [Web log message]. Retrieved from

Citation examples courtesy Pellissippi State Community College Library Guides.

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