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The Journal of Integrative Behavioral Science Writing Guide: Journal Requirements

Guide for authors of the The Journal of Integrative Behavioral Science

Requirements to Publish

Final Works Required by Students


  1. Author letter affirming that the student’s paper is original work, not under review for publication elsewhere. Letter should also include the author’s intention to submit the paper for possible publication.

  2. Author’s research paper, including an abstract and keywords

  3. Letter from college or university professor/faculty member/faculty mentor who is familiar with the student’s research affirming/recommending that the paper should be published

  4. A brief biography of the author(s). This should include: author’s university, departmental affiliation, and graduation date (or anticipated graduation date)

  5. Papers are to be written on Microsoft Word. Papers should be double-spaced, have 1.25 inch margins all around, and be a maximum of 30 pages in length. The paper needs to follow the most recent version of styling formats including: APA, ACS, MLA, or Turabian (Chicago NB). All illustrations including tables, figures, graphs, etc. must be submitted as PDFs.

  6. Author must submit their current contact information including their name, email, mailing address, and phone number. If this changes anytime in the publishing process, the author must email the publication to make them aware of these changes. If this is not followed, the paper is subject to be rejected publication.


Questions or changes in contact information may be directed to the editors at