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COM 2130 - Interpersonal Communication: Reference


Image of God Reflection: 

How does the “Image of God” and apply to interpersonal communication. 

  1. What is the image of God?
  2. How does God communicate to us?  How does he NOT communicate to us?
  3. How does being image bearers shape how we communicate with others?
  4. What other biblical concepts shape how we communicate with others?

Outcome: an informal one-page paper of findings including MLA citations and Class Discussion ‚Äč


Concordances list words in the Bible and tells you every verse which contains that word. Exhaustive concordances list EVERY word, where as selective concordances focus on words and verses considered important by the compiler.

Word Dictionaries

Bible Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

Bible Dictionaries and Encyclopedias often list subject alphabetically and include people, places, theological subjects, and background information about the biblical world. They are located in the Reference collection.  Some are multi-volume sets; others are single volumes.

Subject Guide

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