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COM 2130 - Interpersonal Communication: Artwork

Citing Artwork

Create your Works Cited by using the template of core elements. List relevant elements for each source.

Artist Template

For online sources list each relevant element from containers 1 and 2, and include an access date.

The format of the artwork may be included as the final supplemental element.

URL Citations

DOI logoInclude a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) to an online journal article when possible, eg.

If no DOI is available, include a URL without http:// or https://

Permanent link logoOn a database, use the permanent link or permalink.

Include an access date at the end of a citation. Your professor requires it.

Artwork Citation | Works Cited

Visual art citation




The format of the work is optionally included as the final supplemental element.

Example | Artwork Viewed in Person

In person art viewingBearden's The Train

Example | Artwork Viewed Online (Database)

Art viewed from databaseTennis at Newport by Bellows

Example | Artwork Viewed Online (Website)

Image of Mackintosh's PeoniesArt viewed online

Artwork Citation | Image Caption

An image caption contains more information than the works cited entry, such as dimensions, funder and object number. Include whatever information the institution has provided.

Example | Image Caption

Monet's Water Lilies [panel 2]

art dimensions in caption

This image would be referenced in the Works Cited section as follows:

Citation of captioned artwork

574-372-5100 ext. 6297
Morgan Library - Learning Center
Grace College & Seminary
1 Lancer Way
Winona Lake, IN 46590
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