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COM 2130 - Interpersonal Communication: MLA Style - 9th Edition

MLA Style is the format developed by the Modern Language Association for writing research papers. This style is widely used by writers in the humanities, especially languages and literature. The MLA Handbook provides guidance for the entire process of writing a research paper, from topic selection to completing the bibliography.  

Citation Guide

Works Cited

Arrange references alphabetically by the author's last name.

Double space the entire reference list.

Begin each entry on the left margin and indent a 1/2 inch from the second line onwards.

Check your professor's instructions to format your paper.

Research Citation Management

For more information, see the Zotero Research Guide

Online Citation Builder

2-Minute MLA Tutorial


Create citations with containers. Practice with the MLA interactive template!

Inclusive Language

MLA 9 advocates for writing with inclusive language. For instance, use gender neutral terms and avoid generalizing group identities.

See MLA Handbook 9th Edition, pages 89-93 for more information.

Formatting Works Cited: URL spacing

Is Word moving a URL to its own line on the works cited entry?

Space before URL

Fix this by adding a 'No width optional break'.

  1. In Word, position the cursor at a natural breaking point in the URL, for instance after a slash or period.
  2. Select 'Insert' and click 'Symbols'.
  3. Select 'More symbols' and click 'Special characters' tab.
  4. Select 'No-width Optional Break' and click 'Insert'.
  5. Reference should now appear similar to this:

Fixed URL space

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